Autistic people can be strangers in a strange land but they can learn how to survive in the neuro-typical world. They can learn to cope with social environments and develop social skills for relationships and friendships.

About Julia

Julia Pistrucci Malkin is autistic with Asperger Syndrome. On top of this there are dyslexia, dyscalculia, and mental health difficulties to add to the collection.

But despite all of these conditions she has a PhD from the University of Leicester plus 3 other degrees. The Doctorate and Masters Degrees both include autism-related materials and research.

Julia was the first Approved Driving Instructor to qualify with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. She has taken 6 Advanced Driving Tests, is qualified in Fleet Driving and is a member of the Institute of Master Tutors of Driving. In 2010 Julia was featured on the BBC television programme “Autistic Driving School”. Excerpts of this can be found on YouTube.

Because she has both the experience of special needs and qualifications in the field, this gives a unique perspective on special needs issues. This perspective has the potential to open the eyes of the world.

Julia also uses her creativity to channel her excess energy by painting and writing. She has recently written books with autism as a theme. This is intended to help a wider audience understand the challenges that a person with an autism spectrum condition can experience in the everyday world. Julia has also written a body of poetry on the autism theme, which firstly helps the everyday person understand the autistic world and secondly is intended to open the world of poetry to autistic people.

From bullying to exploitation, from isolation to friendlessness Julia has experienced them all.

But through her sheer dedication and determination to succeed Julia has used these experiences to her advantage and continues to inspire so many others. It is Julia’s ambition to bridge the gap between the world of the everyday people and the world of special needs, with the intention that we can create an environment where everyone BELONGS.


We are autistics – strangers in a strange land! Learn how to survive in the neuro-typical world, coping with social environments, developing social skills for relationships and friendships.

Help and assistance is available to prepare yourself socially for a big event such as weddings, meetings, conferences, work events, and team building events. I can help you learn social skills for this type of event, which will help you cope in crowds, large social gatherings and similar situations without embarrassment or problems.

Learn about dealing with people in everyday life at school, Uni, family or work. You can learn strategies to deal with and improve low self-esteem or to disguise it and not to let it overtake you. Dealing with bullying and activity exclusion are important social issues for autistic people and you can learn how to survive and cope in situations where these are common.

Friendships are hard for many autistic people. Strangers can cause fear, and trying to survive in different environments can put more pressure on us. You can learn basic friendship skills to talk to people, and build potential for friendships in the process.

Individual Consultations

One to one sessions can be provided to help the individual gain the necessary social skills for life in the everyday world.

From relationships to self-esteem, finding a goal in life, relating to family members and educational issues, mental health issues and finding a place in the family.  After an initial assessment the session is tailored to the individual and their particular needs.  The sessions are entirely bespoke and can cover any issues.

Julia can offer private one to one student support for those undertaking a university degree but are facing challenges in the university environment.

Couple Consultations

People on the autistic spectrum can find relationships hard, especially with communication, and also neuro-typical people in relationships with us can have difficulties communicating too!

Couples can have a consultation session together, where each can learn about how the other sees the world. Learning how each one views different situations can be a very positive experience. Expect a few surprises! This can encourage communication and acceptance of respective differences, and bridge the gaps between the two worlds.

Family Support

Each family is unique and each one can be helped using practical techniques and strategies that can improve your family life. Julia can help you improve the dynamics of your family using techniques specifically designed for you. There are practical solutions to the real challenges you are facing as a family with an autistic member. Julia can help you find those that are right for your family.

Julia will enable you to find and develop the tools you need to better understand the autistic member of your family.


Do you worry about your Autistic child?  Parents can learn how to interpret the behaviours of an autistic child and how to accommodate them in the family routines.  Understanding the importance of planning changes and events that will disrupt a normal routine is important for a parent.  You can learn how to understand the impact that bad news may have and how best to deliver it to the child, and how to recognise changes in behaviours and what they could mean.  You can learn to develop strategies for discipline and improving challenging behaviour.

Situations of stress, such as changing school, moving house, and family stresses such as bereavement can cause problems. You can learn to help your autistic family member adapt to change, and find them roles to play within the family which will both benefit themselves and other family members.


A family is a busy place, maybe too busy for an autistic person in it! Julia can advise families on autism with regard to behaviour, routines, home planning, sleep, meals, and the problems a child experiences interacting with family members.  A home visit can be arranged for family observations where more planning can take place. This could include planning for special issues, such as provision for a cooling down area in case of meltdown to help with anger issues.

Teens & Young Adults

As the autistic child becomes an autistic teen the family issues will change. You can learn to help your young family member to learn skills for independence and techniques to navigate their stressful lives. Julia can also help the young adult build their confidence and self esteem enabling them to establish their place in both the family and society.

Driving Advice

Driving Suitability Assessment

Would you or an Asperger member of the family like to learn to drive? Are you worried that you or they may not be suitable? Do you want to be sure before you apply for the provisional licence? Do you require assistance making the application? Did you know that the law requires you to disclose certain types of special needs?

Julia can provide assessments for people of driving age with special needs to assess their driving potential. The person does not need to have a provisional licence for the assessment as all tests are carried out away from the vehicle.

Assessment test includes:
• review of health and medications
• diagnosis review
• school statements
• tests for reciprocal communications
• psychomotor coordination
• test of retention of theory and knowledge
• test for reactions and timing
• test of special provision

From this point a decision can be given as to whether the person is a potential driver, roughly how many lessons they will need and whether they will need a special vehicle to learn in, such as an automatic car. A report can be provided for you to give to the driving instructor should it be required.

Training for Theory Test

The theory test presents complications for some special needs people. Julia can provide courses of training for the theory test, specially designed around different ways of learning. These include both parts of the theory test, questions and hazard perception. All training is unique and tailored to the individual taking consideration of their particular needs and learning style.

Pre-theory Test Assistance

DVSA allows provision for special needs on the theory test itself. Julia can conduct an assessment on a learner driver to help decide which of the special needs provisions will be appropriate on the day of the test.

Assessments will include:
• Theory knowledge
• Retention of knowledge in test conditions
• Answering questions in timed conditions
• What to expect on the day and techniques for nerve control.
A report will be sent to the pupil following the assessment, which can then be used as evidence for the DVSA to access the special needs theory test provision.

Services for Driving Instructors

Julia has been running workshops for driving instructors since 2008.

• Understanding Autism and Asperger’s
• Autism communications in the car
• Dealing with distractions
• Dyspraxia and psychomotor control
• Concentration
• ADHD and Dyscalculia
• Anger, Anxiety and Allied Conditions

REVOLUTIONS © Julia Pistrucci Malkin 2008
An award-winning course for driving instructors

The course is flexible and deals with each difficulty in detail and is delivered in ADI’s own vehicle, and in your own area if required. Includes real life role play in the vehicle and provides specially written support materials and email support.

Course Includes:
• How to communicate effectively especially with those on the Autistic Spectrum
• Dealing with distractions
• Improving your pupil’s learning
• Help with hazard recognition
• Dyslexia in theory and on road
• Confidence building and reducing risk of panic
• Anger, anxiety and allied conditions
• Taking control of an emergency situation on-road

REVOLUTIONS PLUS © Julia Pistrucci Malkin 2012

This course carries on from the basics taught in Revolutions and develops an instructor’s confidence and skills, in teaching special needs people.

Course Includes:
• Intensifying the skills learned in Revolutions
• Dealing with more advanced situations including manoeuvres and motorways
• Taking control of situations including anger issues live on road
• Theory training for pupils with dyslexia
• Recognising various types of anti-depressants and ADHD drug dosage appropriate for driving.
• How to recognise symptoms of Schizophrenia
• How to take control of an emergency situation on the motorway.

Staff Training

Autism is an invisible disability. It affects interactions and with 1 in 100 people in the UK having autism your business will at some point come into contact with autistic individuals and people who support them and their families, regardless of the service you provide.

Because the environment and the people we are dealing with are unfamiliar to us, it can cause us much distress often to the point where fear or frustration will prevent us from using your services. If your service was aware of our needs and able to make us feel welcome and understood we would be less afraid, distressed or frustrated.

Your staff can be trained to help those on the autistic spectrum to help overcome our fears. Your business can provide a service, which is conducive to our requirements for our needs. If your business works in harmony with the autistic behaviour patterns, then interactions with your business will be more effective and productive for us and for you.

Julia can provide bespoke training for your business. Maybe you have employees on the autistic spectrum, and you are considering the provision of support to have them perform to the best of their abilities, or it could be that you require training for your staff in their interactions with the public who may have this hidden disability.

The bespoke training can be delivered in-house or at an alternative venue.


Regardless of your relationship to a person on the autistic spectrum a workshop can be designed with you in mind. Whether you are a parent, support worker, carer, playgroup, youth-club, after-school club etc a bespoke workshop can help increase your awareness and understanding of the autistic spectrum.

Julia Malkin knows that all professional people from the midwife to the undertaker will have special needs people as their clients and customers. From communication techniques to help with routines, from understanding their personal passions to relationship difficulties, Julia’s workshops can deal with all of these issues and more.

All workshops are tailored to the audience requirements. Whatever your profession or whatever the issues involved, Julia can create a workshop for you and your needs.


The first book by Julia Pistrucci Malkin is now on sale at Amazon. This first book provides an alternative perspective to the reader. Rather than discuss dry facts and figures about autism the information is transmitted in the form of a story to allow the reader to experience autism through the eyes and ears of a fictional character. Click on the link below, it will take you straight to the Amazon web-site.

Other publications will follow; keep checking here. These publications are intended to help the individual to feel stronger and more confident and will help others improve their understanding and awareness of the autistic mind and world.


A Voice From The Dark: Change is a New Beginning (Poles Apart)

A Voice From The Dark: Change is a New Beginning Digital Version

A Voice From The Dark: Change is a New Beginning (Poles Apart)

A Voice From The Dark: Change is a New Beginning Paperback Version

My Ball of String: A Tangled Mind (Beyond Your Eyes)

My Ball of String: A Tangled Mind Digital Version

My Ball of String: A Tangled Mind (Beyond Your Eyes)

My Ball of String: A Tangled Mind Paperback Version

Book title

All in the Mind – Digital Version

Book title

All in the Mind – Paperback Book

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